Our new album "Pugnate!" has been released. For the first time, a genuine reconstruction of a Roman water-organ will be heard in connection with the themes of arena games and gladiator fights. Already highly esteemed in radio and press publications...

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- Eva Fritz, construction researcher
- Marcel Schwarzenberger,
- Günther Neubauer,
- Mario Hopfgartner/
Langbein u. Skalnik Media
- Heike Krings, media design
- Taktlicht,
- Wolfgang David,
- Susanne Rühling,
Musica Romana
- Jutta Knur,
Musica Romana
- Hilmar Knur
- Peter C. Behavy,
- Matthias Pacher,
- Ulrich Sauerborn,


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ill titleEnsemble

ill titleSusanna Rühling

Susanna - Study of Archaeology and Art History in Mainz and Bonn
-classical and modern education on Piano
- Ballet, Jazz, historical and oriental Dance
- Actors education, spezc. open-air-stages f.e. trough D.Neuhaus and C.Nikopoulos
- since 1998 teacher for historical dance at schools, universities and museums
- Manager of Emmuty Records

- at the moment she holds a Fellowship of the Römisch-Germanischen Zentralmuseums in Mainz on a music-archaeological theme
- f.e. take part at "Omnia" on the CD "Sine Missione"
- Member at the International Study Group on Musicarchaeology (ISGMA) supported by the Deutsche Archäologische Institut (DAI)
and of the International Study Group on ancient Greek and Roman Music and its cultural heritage (MOISA)
- Publications in scientific and popular fields

- Member at Musica Romana: various Lyras, Lute, Panflutes, Vocals, Drums and Percussion.


ill titleAlbin Paulus

Albin - Jew´s Harp, education on Flute, Clarinette and Saxophon at Quang-Ho Oh, also Piano
- Study of Musicology in Vienna and Cremona
- 1999 Diploma with Award
- first complete recording of the Jew´s Harp concerts of Johann Georg Albrechtsbergers with Piccolo Concerto
- since 1994 Bagpipe playing
- 1997 and 2005 Gewinner 2. Award at "Concours de Vielles et Cornemuses", St. Chartier
- International teaching for Bagpipe, Jew´s Harp, Clarinette, Yodel and Ensemble play
- Lectureship at the University Vienna, also articles in Celtology and Musicology

- Member at Musica Romana: Reed instrumentes, Flutes, Percussion and Vocals.


ill titleMerit Zloch

Merit - Study of Archaeology and Art History in Greifswald
- 2 years of education on Pedal Harp
- TFF-Ruth-Winner 2005, 2. Award in Duo competition im Duowettbewerb at Festival in Saint Chartier 2003 (two of the biggest Folk-Fetsivals in Europe)
- Teacher for Haken Harp
- Musician in several bands for traditionell and historical music: f.e. Malbrook, Vinkoop and Bilwesz
- Publications and Articles in Archaeology, spec. Musicarchaeology

- Member at Musica Romana: various Harps, Reed instruments, Vocals, Flutes and Percussion.


ill titleJutta Knur

Jutta - studied Geography and various other subjects
- Dancing Instructor
- Teacher of traditional and sacred dance
- studies in historical dance
- classical education of Recorder, Piano and music theory
- Saxophonist with Synkopia Band, Vienna et al.

- Member at Musica Romana: Reed instruments, Transverse Flute, Drums, String instruments and Vocals.


ill titleValentin Arnold

Valentin - Percussion, Jew´s Harp, Bagpipes and Flutes
- since 1998 autodidactic study of Shepard´s pipe and oriental percussion
- Education at Albin Paulus, Sepp Pichler, Matthias Branschke (Shepard´s pipe) and Laurenz Schiffermüller (Frame drum, Mizhar, Riqq)
- International teaching for Bagpipe and Percussion
- Member at Trio WHA, Trollferd, Alpine Ramblaz
- CD recordings with Joculatores Primaenoctis, Wutas, Schandgesellen, Merit Zloch Solo, Riharc Smiles, Sagentöter
- numerous international guest appearances with bei well-known bands wie z.B. Bilwesz, Hotel Palindrone, Harlequins Glance, Ethno in Transit

- Member at Musica Romana: Percussion, Drumes, Reedinstruments and Vocals.