Our new album "Pugnate!" has been released. For the first time, a genuine reconstruction of a Roman water-organ will be heard in connection with the themes of arena games and gladiator fights. Already highly esteemed in radio and press publications...

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ill titleSalvete !

Welcome to our homepage!

The Ensemble Musica Romana is bringing sounds of times long past to life again. By research of ancient music and reconstruction of ancient instruments they successfully revive archaic sounds and forgotten melodies.

Römische Villa Borg Internationally well-known through numerous performances in museums, archeological parks, universities, academies and at other occasions, e.g. in Hungary, Spain, France,, Great Britain, Croatia, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria and Germany.
Moreover, with contributions to CDs, films, TV, radio productions, exhibitions, and last but not least, a computer game.


ill titleAudible Past

We focus on the music of ancient Rome and Greece, but we try as well to make our audience familiar with sounds from the Stone Age to the Middle Ages.

The group Musica Romana was founded in 2001 and unites archaeologists, historians,ethnologist, musicians and interested technicians sharing an interest in Experimental Archaeology, Living History, museal paedagogics and of course, music and dance. We are having a lot of fun researching, planning and reconstructing our instruments correctly in detail, as well as studying, composing and rehearsing our music. We aim to make the music of times long gone comprehensible to our modern audience, to express our love for unconventional and non-commercial music and to respect scientific correctness towards the ancient sources of musical theory as well as towards contemporary research.

Certainly, our music is finally based on our own interpretation. We hope to push forward modern research with our work, and, above all, to delight people and enrich their knowledge.

Landemuseum Kärnten

In order to bring the atmosphere of historical musical practice to life, we perform in correspondig historical clothing which we reconstruct according to iconographic sources, historical descriptions and archaeological textile finds.
In our presentations we take turns with verbal explanations and practical musical examples.