Our new album "Pugnate!" has been released. For the first time, a genuine reconstruction of a Roman water-organ will be heard in connection with the themes of arena games and gladiator fights. Already highly esteemed in radio and press publications...

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Musica Romana
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Concerts, Events, Lectures, etc.
Prehistoy, Antiquity and Middle Ages

In our performances we take turns with verbal explanations and musical examples. Therefore most of our concerts are given as conversation concerts.

Roman Hall Bad Kreuznach

In order to bring the atmosphere of historical musical practice to life, we perform in correspondig historical clothing which we reconstruct according to iconographic sources, historical descriptions and archaeological textile finds.

Archaeological Park Carnuntum

-"Of singing, jingling bones - music from the Stone Age"
Instruments: rattle, bone flute, rhombus, shells, clay drums, stones, sounding sticks, whistle, bow
-"Blaring sun, whispering moon - musical impressions of the Bronze Age"
Instruments: sistrum, auloi, horn, lyre, rattles, frame drum, pan flute, (lure)

Old Synagogue Hagenow

Greco - Roman Antiquity:
- "Musica barbarica - sounds of the Germans and Celts"
-"Etruria et Celtica in tempore - a time travel to the celtic and etruscan cultures.
-"Musica Romana - music and dance of Antiquity" (open air, stage or walking act)
-"Musica Romana - music and dance of Antiquity" (indoor)
-"Singing Muses - women, poetry and music in antiquity" (indoor/outdoor)
-"Gods, myths and sacrifice - religious rites in Antiquity" (indoor(outdoor)
-"sound, soul and sanity - music therapy and healing in Antiquity" (indoor/outdoor)

Who would not know the cliché of wine, women and song in ancient Rome? Nero playing the lyre, menads beating drums in rapture, or Pan with his flute - our imagination of Antiquity is full of music. We bring it to new life and, moreover, reveal the secrets behind these clichés: were there musical notes written? Was the lyre plucked or strummed? Did they really play double flutes? Did the legionaires march to the sound of drums?

This and more you will listen to in our programs.

Villa Borg

Early Middle Ages/ Era of Slavians and Vikings:
-"Lyre, lute, horn and sword - early medieval music and instruments"
-"Heathen Christianity - songs and dances of the Slavians and Vikings"