Our new album "Pugnate!" has been released. For the first time, a genuine reconstruction of a Roman water-organ will be heard in connection with the themes of arena games and gladiator fights. Already highly esteemed in radio and press publications...

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- Eva Fritz, construction researcher
- Marcel Schwarzenberger,
- Günther Neubauer,
- Mario Hopfgartner/
Langbein u. Skalnik Media
- Heike Krings, media design
- Taktlicht,
- Wolfgang David,
- Susanne Rühling,
Musica Romana
- Jutta Knur,
Musica Romana
- Hilmar Knur
- Peter C. Behavy,
- Matthias Pacher,
- Ulrich Sauerborn,


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Byzantinische Doppelorgel

The "Byzantine Double-Organ" of the Römisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum (Mainz) in the exhibition "Das Goldene Byzanz und der Orient" at the Schallaburg (Austria) in 2012.
(Photo: Dr. D.Zscherpel, A.Schuke Potsdam-Orgelbau GmbH)

29. and 30. September (daily 12.30, 14.30 and 15.30 h)
Short concerts with the Duo Dr. Ralf Gehler and Susanne Rühling M.A.
"Living Musicarchaeology - The world of sounds of the ancient Germans"
Museum und Park Kalkriese, Bramsche-Kalkriese (Germany)
More informations: Museum und Park Kalkriese

25. Oktober (Start: 19.30 h)
Concert with the Duo Dr. Ralf Gehler and Susanne Rühling M.A.
"Journey of Sounds trough the Millennia" as part of the Orgelfestwochen of the Kultursommer Rheinland-Pfalz
Museum für Antike Schifffahrt, Mainz (Germany)
More informations: Orgelfestwochen

Konzert im Saalburg Museum